Several people have been very curious about the hierarchal structure of Bird Teeth. Well, we don’t believe in a pecking order. Our visioneers, clients, and creatives are equal parties that work together to create something fresh. Only when we work together, taking into account all ideas and contributions, can we create the best solution for each project. Our visioneers meet with the clients to create a strategy that will both meet the client’s needs as well as provide meaningful work for creatives.

The client sets the tone and scope of the project through working with the visioneer to select creatives and the overall marketing strategy. The creatives choose which plan (or parts of) they like, in negotiating with the visioneer, name their price. With everyone on equal footing, we all work at our peak and are fully engaged with each task given to us. So if you’re an artist looking to work on certain types of projects, or a client who only wants work done by someone who really cares about the outcome, contact us.

Are you ready to rock?

We are a flexible collective that’s always looking for talent and shaking up the industry. Chances are if you need it, we’ve got it. So contact us for a free consultation and let’s see what we can do together.