The Visioneers

Remy | Founder & Lead Visioneer

Fearless marketer, web & print designer, comic artist, and comedian who loves abstract thinking and matchmaking.

Amie | Co-Owner & Strategy Virtuoso

Auditor, small business strategist, financial planner, and fundraiser who’s all about putting paper in the right places.

The Creatives


Josiah Telshow
Ink Czar

Comic artist, illustrator, improvisationalist and printmaker that is as awesome as he looks. Check out his work, tumblr, patreon, and instagram.

Adam Weatherford
Project Manager & Film Wizard

Filmmaker, stand up comedian, creative and technical writer that has a secret identity of a college lecturer.
Check him out: YouTube

World Builder

Digital and traditional painter, sculptor, illustrator, and creative taxidermist that befriends animals like a Disney princess.
Check her out: Tumblr

Kevin Bump
Instructor Extraordinare

Master of technological and digital things. Teacher of skills.
Boy Scout.

Libby Fox
Photo Darling & Accessorizer

Model, painter, photographer and cosplayer that’s sassy on both ends of a camera.

Skye Ashton Kantola
Art Activist

Artist and community organizer, part of their sales go towards relief for the oppressed. Etsy & Facebook

Are you ready to rock?

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